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4 Considerations When Planning a Funeral September 20, 2017

During the difficult time that follows a loved one’s passing, there are a number of plans and arrangements that need to be made to help ensure that the deceased is appropriately honored and family and friends have an opportunity to share their memories. In addition to the loss, there can be much stress that arises from having to shoulder the responsibilities that come with the procedural matters that follow a death. For most people, this is a situation that is best handled by a funeral home. Here is a look at four considerations of which to be mindful when the particulars of a funeral are being planned.

Type of Casket or Urn

There are a wide variety of caskets and urns to choose from. If your loved one didn’t have the chance to detail their wishes, you’ll still be able to find a type of casket or urn that is befitting of their personality. Caskets can be wood or metal, while urns are offered in a variety of styles, from cast bronze to ceramic. Some styles are more distinguished, while others are better suited for those who appreciated the simple things.


While it might seem unfair to have to worry about finances in such a time, the reality is that you need to take budgeting into consideration. From a simple graveside service to a complete funeral, there are a number of different pricing options that are designed to meet an assortment of budgets.

Specialized Service

Was your loved one a member of the military? If so, there are specialized services that are specifically designed for those who served their country.

If the deceased was a nature lover, a green burial might be a desirable option. In this service, the body is returned to nature in a way that the circle of life is perpetuated in an organic and cyclical way.


Some consider a viewing a great way for loved ones to have a chance to say farewell. If you want this to be a part of the service, it can be arranged in the most tasteful of ways.

If you’re planning a funeral, it’s a good idea to get in touch with a reputable funeral home. For a funeral home in Everett, the professionals to contact are at Funeral Alternatives of Snohomish County at 1-888-381-6993. Feel free to call on Funeral Alternatives to help you with your difficult time.

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