FAQSFrequently Asked Questions

If you have just experienced the death of a family member or friends, and are responsible for making the final arrangements, it may seem like an overwhelming task. Chances are you are emotionally exhausted, and have no idea here to begin.

The choices involved in planning the details can be especially confusing if you have never done it before. We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions to guide you though the process. Once you contact us we can take you through all of the necessary steps of the arrangement process, and answer any other questions you may have.

What if death occurs at a time other than regular business hours?
There are never any additional chargers for after hours, weekends, or holidays.

What if I call from outside of the Marysville area?
We can transport from almost anywhere. If your loved one is out of state, we can make flight arrangements to have them brought back home.

How long will it take you to get here?
If you would like us to come immediately we will. However, some families request that we wait a few hours to give them time to gather friends and family members to say good-bye privately.

I have never handled these arrangements before; how will I know what to do?
It is our job to give you all the information you need to make the final decisions necessary after a death. We will give you the options and costs, gather any necessary information, and get any required signatures and authorizations.

I would like to choose cremation, but I do not want a funeral. Can you still help?
We handle all of the details pertaining to cremation, and can either keep the ashes for you until you are ready to pick them up, or arrange for them to be taken to a cemetery of your choice for inurnment.

How much will your services cost?
Our main goal is to help you honor the wishes of your loved one while staying within your means. You choose the services you would like, from the most basic economical cremation to the most lavish burial.

How do I know your prices are fair?
Our prices are very reasonable; we urge you to call us for a quote on whatever services you need, and then call other funeral homes for comparison.

Is there a possibility for the State or Medicare paying for these services?
Unfortunately not, state agencies do not pay for either burial or cremation.

We have very little money to spend on these arrangements, how can you help?
We realize that the cost of final arrangements is often not planned in advance. We will be glad to help you make choices based on what you can afford.

How do I get certified copies of the death certificate, and how many do I need?
We would be happy to order death certificates from the county health department on your behalf and have them available for you to pick up in our office, or have them mailed directly to you. We also provide you with a helpful check list to determine how many you will need.