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5 Ideas for Casket Selection June 15, 2018

Whether you’re seeking out a casket that is more elegant or one that is more economical, one aspect that you’ll want to take into consideration is the type of material from which the casket is constructed. As you go about your decision-making process, it can certainly be of benefit to consult a reputable funeral director who can assist you in making sure that you’re able to align both your aesthetic and budgetary needs. Here’s a look at five different types of caskets to consider.

Hardwood Caskets

Depending on the type of wood that you choose, the price of a hardwood casket can vary significantly. Hardwoods that are available for such caskets include mahogany, cherry, pine, and oak.

Wood Veneer Caskets

For a similar aesthetic as hardwood, but with greater budget-friendliness, wood veneer offers very reasonable options.

Bronze & Copper Caskets

If durability is what is most important to you, then bronze and copper are probably what you will be looking at. These caskets are rust-resistant and offer ultimate protection.

Stainless & Carbon Steel Caskets

In the event that you seek strong protection from the elements, but are on a tighter budget, then stainless steel might be your best option.

Cremation Caskets

These caskets are designed specifically to meet the requirements necessary to be processed in the cremation chamber.

If you’re trying to decide on which type of casket will work best for your situation, be sure to get in touch with a reputable funeral director. For funeral home services in Everett, Monroe, Sultan, Lake Stevens, Granite Falls, Camano Island, Tulalip, and Marysville, WA, the trusted name to contact is Funeral Alternatives of Snohomish County at 1-888-381-6993. Funeral Alternatives of Snohomish County also offers funeral home services in Seattle and King County. Feel free to give Funeral Alternatives a call to ask any questions that you might have during your difficult time.