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6 Reasons that Cremation is Chosen over Burial May 11, 2019

While burial is the historically more common way to depart with those who have passed, in recent years cremation has become an increasingly popular option. There are a number of different reasons for this, from affordability to being a greener option. Here’s a look at six reasons why cremation is chosen instead of burial.

More Time to Plan Service

Especially when someone has passed suddenly, cremation could be a preferable option because it allows for plenty of time to plan a service where friends and family can arrange to travel long distances.

Remains Can Be Kept in Multiple Locations

This can allow more than one family member to keep remains nearby, which could be especially conducive to situations where the family lives in different parts of the country.


Depending on what exactly is desired, cremation can cost roughly half as much as traditional burial. Much of this is due to the fact that urns are much more budget-friendly than caskets. Two other reasons for the cost difference is that cremation doesn’t require paying for embalming, nor for a burial plot.

More Environmentally-Conscious

The cremation process doesn’t involve any of the harsh chemicals that are part of traditional burial.

Assortment of Urn Options

Urns are made from a variety of different materials, and it’s likely that any preferred aesthetic can be achieved. Oak and mahogany are popular options for hardwood urns, while marble and bronze urns offer lasting elegance.


Wearable keepsakes allow survivors to keep their departed loved ones close by at all times.

If you’re preparing for a cremation, be sure to get in touch with a reputable funeral director. For affordable cremations in Everett, Lynwood, Arlington, Mukilteo, Marysville, Monroe, Granite Falls, and Darrington, WA, the trusted name is Funeral Alternatives of Snohomish County at 1-888-381-6993. Funeral Alternatives also provides affordable funerals in Seattle and King County. Feel free to contact Funeral Alternatives with any questions that you might have about planning a service.