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6 Types of Urns and Caskets to Choose From September 20, 2017

While cremation has gained in popularity over the years, many folks still prefer the traditional approach of casket burial. Whichever is the preference, it’s important that you contact a reputable funeral home director who can help to ensure that you find exactly what you’re looking for—and at a reasonable rate. Here’s a look at six different types of urns and caskets to choose from.

Ceramic Urn

This is a great option for those who lived an art-filled life. It also can make for a great representation of anyone who was a talented craftsperson.

Cast Bronze Urn

The classiness of the cast bronze urn is an excellent choice for someone who has lived a dignified life.

Biodegradable Urn

For the nature lover, this could very well be the preferred option.

Keepsake Urn

These little urns make it possible for you to keep your loved one right there with you as you go about your life.

Metal Casket

Widely believed to hold up much longer than wood caskets, they are offered in a variety of options including bronze, steel, and copper.

Wood Casket

There is a wide variety of options when it comes to wood caskets, and the price will largely depend on the type of wood that you choose. They’re often made from hardwoods such as cherry, but there are higher-end options like mahogany.

If you’re considering which type of urn or casket will be best for your situation, be sure to get in touch with a reputable funeral home. For a funeral home in Marysville, WA, the trusted name is Funeral Alternatives of Snohomish County at 1-888-381-6993. Feel free to give Funeral Alternatives of Snohomish County a call for assistance with your difficult time.

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