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Cremation – An Affordable Alternative to Burial September 20, 2017

The loss of a loved one can be a very difficult time, and if a funeral or burial service wasn’t pre-purchased and/or pre-planned, the many funeral preparations that need to be made can become overwhelming. If this responsibility has been left to you, the first step is to research local funeral arrangement providers, and decide between burial and cremation.

What is cremation? The word originates from the Latin term ‘crematus’, meaning ‘to burn up’, and is an increasingly preferred alternative to traditional burial. Remains are reduced to ash in an incineration chamber reaching temperatures up to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. The resulting ash weighs only a few pounds and is stored in a decorative urn for display, burial or scattering. Several cultures have a history of preferring cremation to burial. Open-air cremations are a common practice in India, and on the Ganges River, remains are laid on wood-fueled pyres.

While some religions traditionally prefer burial, more and more Americans view cremation as a superior choice, with our modern funeral practices largely determined by our social and economic needs. Cremation is increasingly common because it’s less expensive, more space-conservative, and allows much more geographic freedom than a cemetery plot. Cremated remains are often kept in a decorative urn on display at home, allowing surviving family to feel close to loved ones after passing.

At any time, when and if the time is right, ashes may be scattered in the mountains or out to sea, etc., releasing the remains of a loved one to a place that was special to them. It’s important to be considerate of local laws and ordinances concerning the spreading of ashes, however.

Cremation is a more affordable option than traditional burial, and is becoming the preferred alternative to burial when loved ones pass. If you’d like to learn more about cremation costs and funeral planning in Snohomish County, call Funeral Alternatives at 1-888-381-6993 today.

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