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How Not to Overpay for Funeral Arrangements September 20, 2017

Amid the stress of losing a loved one, it’s all too easy to make hasty decisions with funeral arrangements – decisions that could end up costing a lot more than you expected, or can afford to pay. This, of course, only adds more stress to an already difficult situation. Fortunately, with a little bit of foresight, it is possible to keep funeral expenses from getting out of hand. Here are a few common-sense things to keep in mind.

Plan ahead

None of us wants to think about death, but the more you are able to plan ahead, the more you can keep control of the costs of funeral arrangements. If you make these arrangements for yourself while you’re alive and healthy, you will save your loved ones a lot of stress when the time comes. If you’re tasked with preparing to lose someone who is ill, it is also best to make as many decisions in advance as possible. You can even prepay for many things related to burial, including a cemetery plot, casket or urn, funeral services, etc. A compassionate funeral home will often offer discounted funeral packages, which can help simplify the process.

Know what you want

Having a prior understanding of what you, your family and your loved one want in a funeral service will help you make better decisions about what you need. Do you need to plan a larger funeral with plenty of guests, or is a simple graveside service a better option? Will your loved one be buried or cremated? Will there be a funeral procession? Do you need to arrange for military honors? Answering these and other questions in advance will reduce your risk of paying for things you and your family neither want nor need.

Know what you can afford

We hate to think about budget constraints at a time like this, but the best way not to overpay for a funeral is to know your spending limits. If what your family wants in the funeral service is more than the family budget allows, there are ways to cut some costs that may allow you to do most of what you want to do – for example, purchasing a less expensive casket or urn, or replacing a church funeral with a simple graveside service. (Going with a funeral home that offers discounted packages can also help make your dollars stretch farther.)

Shop around

This step can be a little more difficult if you’re dealing with a sudden death or one without pre-planning, but it’s always wise to compare prices from different funeral homes, because their prices can be quite different. By doing a bit of research online or by making a few calls, it is possible to have a respectable funeral at nearly any price point without breaking the bank.

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