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Suggestions for Good Funeral Courtesy September 20, 2017

The environment at a funeral can be sensitive and it’s important that you’re mindful of proper etiquette to help be sure that those who are most affected by the loss are made to feel as comforted as possible. Appropriate etiquette goes beyond simply showing up and wearing black. There are other particulars to keep in mind. Here is a look at five tips to keep in mind for good funeral courtesy.

Arrive Promptly

If you’re someone who often arrives a bit late to events, you want to make sure that this isn’t one of those times. It’s of the utmost importance that attendees are able to remain focused on the commemoration without any distraction. Try to give yourself significantly more prep and transit time than you might think you’d need so as to be sure that you arrive promptly and are able to be seated at the appropriate time.

Put Phone on Silent

This might seem obvious, but it’s such an easy one to forget. You might even schedule a note in your electronic calendar to remind you before the service begins.

Proper Attire

While black is typically considered to be customary, other conservative tones are often considered appropriate as well. The general idea is to look classy, but without looking particularly flashy.

Be Respectful of Religious Practices

It’s important to remember that the service is first and foremost about the life of the deceased. If the funeral incorporates elements of a religion that is not your own, it’s important to go along with them out of respect.

Contribute as Suggested

While flowers might be desired, often times the preference is for a donation to be made to a particular cause or charity.

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