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Which type of casket should I choose? May 11, 2020

When trying to decide on the right type of casket, there are several considerations to take into account, especially price and quality. If you are unsure which type will be best for your situation, then you can consult an experienced funeral director who can provide guidance and answer any questions that you may have. Here’s a look at six different casket options.

Bronze & Copper Caskets

Many people prefer bronze and copper caskets because they hold up strongly against the test of time. They also offer a stately appearance.

Stainless Steel Caskets

Stainless steel offers similar durability to bronze and copper. However, these caskets can typically be purchased at a lower price point.

Hardwood Caskets

Particularly expensive hardwood casket options include mahogany and walnut. These are finely crafted and provide strong value for their price. At a lower price point, but still of strong quality, are hardwoods such as oak and maple.

Wood Veneer Caskets

Wood veneer caskets bear a similar appearance to their hardwood counterparts, but at a more affordable cost.

Cremation Caskets

These days, cremation is actually more common than traditional burial. Cremation caskets are fully combustible and are designed to fit the dimensions of cremation chambers. If the funeral will be occurring prior to the cremation, you can choose a cremation casket that is suitable for a service.

Green Casket

Because they are biodegradable, green caskets are an appropriate casket for those who cared deeply about the planet’s well-being.

If you have questions about which type of casket will be best for your situation, be sure to get in touch with a reputable funeral director. For funeral home services in Edmonds, Everett, Mukilteo, Monroe, Darrington, Tulalip, Stanwood, Granite Falls, Arlington, and Marysville, WA, the trusted company to contact is Funeral Alternatives of Snohomish County at 1-888-381-6993. Funeral Alternatives also provides funeral home services in Seattle, Bellevue, and King County. Feel free to contact Funeral Alternatives with any questions you have about planning a memorable service.