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Why choose cremation instead of burial? September 20, 2017

Over the years, cremation has increased in popularity as an alternative to traditional burial. It has become an entirely commonplace practice and in fact, in the state of Washington, there are now more people cremated than buried. There are a number of reasons that cremation has become a more frequent choice, from affordability to the increased popularity of elegant jewelry that can be custom made to contain ashes. Here’s a look at five reasons why cremation is often chosen over burial.

Affordable Costs

Typically, urns are far less expensive than caskets, which is a large part of why the cost of cremation is generally 40-50% lower than that of traditional burial. Cremation also doesn’t require embalming, which is a rather pricey process.

More Time to Plan Service

When a loved one has passed unexpectedly, it’s likely that extra time will be needed to figure out the logistics of the funeral. In such a case, cremation can help to simplify the process that has suddenly been put into motion.

Sharing Remains

Cremation allows for a loved one’s remains to be kept in multiple locations. If a family is spread out across the country, this can be a way to allow everyone to keep a memorial within their own home.

Environmentally Conscious

Because cremation doesn’t require use any of the harsh chemicals that are regularly used in conventional burials, it is an option that might very well be preferred by those who are passionate about the planet’s well-being.

Wearable Keepsakes

Personalized jewelry can be made that allows a loved one’s remains to be beautifully worn, and carried close throughout the day.

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