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Why is cremation chosen over burial? August 8, 2020

Washington state has the highest cremation rate in the country, with roughly 75% of people preferring this option. Just a half-century ago, nearly everyone was buried, but this has changed drastically throughout the country. Here’s a look at five reasons that cremation has become more popular than burial.

Assortment of Urn Options

These days, there are so many urn options that it can be rather difficult to make a choice. Popular urn materials include ceramic and hardwood. If you desire a more elegant urn, you might go with marble or bronze. For those who served, there are military-themed urns. And for the earth-lover, biodegradable urns are an option.


Though there can be variation on pricing depending on the options selected, cremation is generally around 50 percent cheaper than burial. Money is saved because there’s no need to purchase a burial plot and urns usually cost significant less than caskets.

Share Remains among Loved Ones

For surviving family members that live long distances apart, cremation allows everyone to keep some of the ashes nearby.

Environmental Reasons

As part of preparations for burial, harsh chemicals are used. For those who are particularly mindful of environmental concerns, it may be preferable to not take part in the production and application of such chemicals.

More Time to Plan Funeral

In the event of a sudden death, the family will often need a lot of time to organize a funeral service. In such a situation, it can decrease stress if the deceased is cremated, at which point the funeral can be put off for as long as needed.

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