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Lonnie Winberry January 1, 1958 - April 26, 2023

Lonnie D. Winberry

Papa also known as Wile E. Coyote super genius, 65 of Tulalip Wa. Passed away peacefully at home surrounded by loved ones.  He was tired and he was ready. 

Lonnie and his other half of 50 plus years Vicky, lived and loved big! They raised 3 children together from Illinois to Washington. Tanya Schwertfeger (Jim Rentsch), David winberry, and Lacey Sawyer (Amanda Sawyer) 

They cherished 8 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.

Family was the light of his life and that light glows on in his children, Grandchildren and great Grandchildren. He was a quiet, gentle person but his people knew they were deeply loved when he would reach out and grab a hug.

Papa had a great love for fishing and passed that passion on to his children and grandchildren that have precious memories of time spent getting up before the crack of dawn to head out on the water.  He was a Mr fix it and our go to car and computer guy. His favorite spot at home was out on the deck, looking over the bay for birds, boats and whales. He was always looking for something to see and would excitedly share that with us. He was often accused by his wife of being spoiled because after he was unable to leave the house, he would jokingly say hey bring me….such and such thing and the family always did. He had a quirky sense of humor and would tease all the grandbabies with silly nick names. He loved spending time with family and would say I just want to see your face, sit right there so I can look at you. He was an extremely competitive spades player and loved to challenge his kids in a game. Whenever he was asked what he would like to eat it was hamburgers and Dr. Pepper soda, To say he will be missed seems inadequate, the void is unfillable.  


Lonnie Requested no formal funeral service. The family is planning a private time to honor him.

Please share a hamburger and Dr. Pepper in his memory. 


  1. Tanya Schwertfeger says

    Papa sweet papa!
    I’m trying so hard to only be sad for a little while but my gosh this pain is unbearable! I will love you and miss you forever! Today I tried so hard to just soak in my memories of all the blessed time we spent together but it is just too raw. I love you forever big redneck! I miss you too much! Xoxo Life will never be the same.

  2. Amanda Sawyer says

    I just want to thank you. You accepted me in to your family and your home like it was nothing. I cherished our talks that we had on the back deck. All the knowledge you have and taught in me in sort amount of time. You raised amazing children so full of life and the love that they have to give. I will miss you. Every time I eat hamburger it will be with a Dr. Pepper!!!! I love you ❤️

  3. Melissa says

    Lonnie was always a very happy, smiling, joking dad kinda dad. I became best friends with Tanya at age 15 and he always treated me as family, probably because I was over there ALOT. He would always as me…”Hey Melissa, I’ll trade ya my dog (Lester) for a cheeseburger!” 😆 And sometimes we did big cheeseburgers back to the house but I let him keep his dog lol! I don’t ever remember him raising his voice unless absolutely necessary. He always was genuinely interested in what you had to say and what was going on. He loved his family and wanted only to spend time with them. I may not have seen him in some years but through Tanya’s pictures I could see he was the same sweet soul ❤️ My heart is happy that he has such an awesome family to have them be by his side and help him to live his last years of his life at home, with them which is where he wanted to be. Just to know he had that I hope will help you all in a small way. Your love and strength for him is what kept him going and also what helped him to be at peace. Love you all 💗💗

  4. Robyn says

    You will be missed. You had such a sweet gental soul. It has been a pleasure being a part of your extended family. My heart is sad that you passed. I will miss your giggle, your smile. You had such a way you would light up a room.
    Cheese Burger in Paradise

  5. Robyn Wangerin says

    You will always be remembered for your sillyness and your love for a good Cheese Burger. I will always remember how everyone always got a smile on there face when you walked into a room.

  6. Madison says

    My papa <3 my favorite memory with you was how we always used to watch TV together, it went from cartoons, to MTV music videos, to our favorite, COPS! I'll always think of you when I'm laughing at a TV show we used to watch together. I love you so much please take care of max the dog for me while you're in heaven. – medicine

  7. Jackie St. Louis says

    I’ve always enjoyed coming over to family gatherings and seeing Lonnie he had such a quiet beautiful soul and was always so nice to be around. I will miss seeing him when I come to visit. I love you guys and hope you will reach out if you need anything. With love my condolences
    Jackie ❤️

  8. Lacey Sawyer says

    Say look at these fingers one, two, three, how many fingers do I see one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten he has 11!!! 11 this something new I wish I had eleven too!!! Daddy I will never forget the memory of reading one fish two fish red fish blue fish to you. Love always your spoiled youngest daughter.

  9. tina grabianowski says

    i sure will miss you and love you lots eat lots of double chhese burgers and drink dr pepper and chocolate pies and tell my daddy hi and go fishing lots

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