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FAQ: Cremating September 20, 2017

Many people have questions about cremation in regard to their own impending death, and those that are now dealing with the loss of a loved one. It is important to assess all of your options when it comes to funeral planning, as some services can cost drastically more than others, and for many people, budget plays a huge role in final goodbyes. Cremation is an affordable alternative to a formal burial procession. Here are a few other answers to questions you may have about questions.

Is Cremating is Common?

Yes it is. Cremation is a very common practice in America. More than one-third of all deceased in the United States and more than 65 percent of those who pass in Washington State are cremated.

How Long does the Cremation Process Take?

When a person is cremated the body is often placed in an inexpensive coffin-like box, generally made of thick cardboard or plywood. This is then placed in the crematorium, where the body will remain until the process is completed. On average this takes 2-3 hours, but it depends on the size of the body.

What do the Remains Look Like?

Many people believe that the ash will be very refined. In fact, it may appear to have more of a gravel-like appearance and contain small bone fragments.

Is it OK to Spread Ashes in Public Places?

It is completely legal to spread ashes in most situations. If the ashes are to be spread on private property you must have the OK of the property owner. If it is within a city, be sure to consult the city’s bylaws. In most state and national parks and other public areas the federal government has a lenient don’t ask, don’t tell policy, as there are no “scattering ashes police.” This means you should use your best judgement when spreading ashes.

Are there Environmental Concerns when Spreading Ashes?

There are no safety, health or environmental concerns when it comes to spreading ashes. Cremation is a relatively green process that saves time and money and the ash material will not leave any people, animals or places at risk of damage.

If you have more questions about cremation be sure to ask your local funeral home. To learn about cremations in Snohomish County contact the professional funeral directors at Funeral Alternatives. We are here to help you with all your funeral needs, from pre-planning to sudden loss, we can assist in creating an affordable funeral service for your loved one. Call Funeral Alternatives today at 1-888-381-6993 to get in touch with our Marysville funeral home.

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