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FAQ: Cremation July 6, 2021

In Washington state, cremation is now far more common than burial. There are many reasons for this shift toward higher cremation rates. One of the biggest reasons is that cremation is more affordable, typically costing about 50% less than burial. Also, cremation allows the service to be held at a much later date. This makes planning a service much easier when the death is sudden or family members live in different parts of the country. At Funeral Alternatives of Snohomish County, our local funeral directors can answer any of your questions about cremation pricing and procedures. Our nearby funeral home can assist with every stop of the process. We make it a priority to minimize your stress during your particularly difficult time.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cremation

How long does cremation take?

In total, the process typically takes three to five hours. The cremation takes about two to three hours to be completed. Then, another hour or two will be needed to let the remains sufficiently cool down, at which point they are placed in the vessel and given to the family.

Is a casket needed for cremation?

You won’t need to purchase a traditional burial casket for cremation. Rather, a basic wood or cardboard container can be used. If you want to hold a funeral prior to the cremation, then you could use a cremation casket. These caskets are presentable for a funeral, but are not as costly as burial caskets and can then be used during cremation.

Is embalming part of the cremation process?

No, those who choose cremation are not typically embalmed. However, the family does sometimes choose to hold a private viewing prior to cremation.

What is the cremation rate?

At 78%, Washington has the second highest cremation rate among states. Nationwide, the cremation rate is now over 50% and is expected to climb rapidly. The National Funeral Directors Association expects cremation rates to increase another 30% by 2036.

What are the different types of urns?

With cremation gaining in popularity, there are more types of urns to choose from. Classy options include marble and high-end hardwoods. There are also wearable keepsake urns that are turned into beautiful jewelry pieces and allow you to keep your loved one close at all times. For more information on the various urn options and prices, you can consult one of our experienced funeral directors.

Funeral Directors in Marysville, WA

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