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Tips for Helping a Grieving Loved One September 9, 2021

When a friend or family member loses someone who was very close to them, the devastation may not quickly fade, which is understandable. It’s also understandable that you want to help them move forward to a more functional state of being. But it’s always important to be respectful of your loved one’s grief, and you want to be sure you don’t ever diminish it. Here are some ways to help a friend or family member with their grief.

Prioritize Listening over Speaking

Your instinct might be to speak seemingly comforting words to your loved one and fill any moments of silence with platitudes. But it’s best to focus on creating space for them to gather and share their words. Rather than taking the reins of the conversation, keep in mind that you’re most needed simply as a comforting presence. While you don’t want to force your loved one to speak, you do want to provide them with the ability to share their emotions at the pace with which they feel comfortable.

Check on Them

When you know your loved one is dealing with grief, it’s a good idea to periodically drop them a quick line to see how they’re doing. You can offer to meet up, and at times may find they are very receptive to such invites, while other times they may be more distant. Either way, it’s important to let them know that you’re available.

Make an Effort to Better Understand the Grieving Process

To have a stronger sense of what your loved one is going through, it can be helpful to research the psychological and physiological issues that may arise. Anxiety, anger, and depression often develop from grief. It’s also possible that your loved one will experience significant shifts in sleep patterns.

Offer to Help with Errands

Considering the symptoms that grief can cause, it may become difficult for your loved one to complete basic tasks. It could be very helpful to them if you lend a hand with running errands and preparing meals.

Make them Feel Comfortable with Crying

Some people, especially if they pride themselves on being tough, might not feel comfortable crying around others—or at all. But this release of emotion can be helpful, so it’s worth making it clear to your loved one that it is absolutely okay if they cry around you.

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