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What is included in a military funeral? September 20, 2017

For those who served their country, there is a special set of customs that are followed as part of the funeral ceremony. No matter when the soldier served or in what branch of the military, there are important traditions that are meant to speak to a service member’s honor and sacrifice. Here’s a look at five aspects of a military service that can be arranged by a reputable funeral home.

Burial Arrangements in a National Cemetery

For service members who are buried in the Pacific Northwest, a noble and solemn resting place is at Tahoma National Cemetery. It is located in South King County, making it accessible to those living throughout the Puget Sound region.

Flag Folding Ceremony

When using a funeral director who has particular experience in military services, arrangements can easily be made to have an active duty member of any branch of the armed forces come to the ceremony to perform this ceremony.

Playing of Taps

This heartfelt musical arrangement is mournful in its tone, but carries great honor and tradition in its notes. It was first played in its current form by Union forces during the Civil War and has been officially recognized by the U.S. Army since 1874.

Presidential Memorial Certificate

As part of the military funeral package, there is included a special commemorative certificate that features the signature of the current sitting president.

Financial Assistance

Every soldier deserves a dignified service. If finances become an issue, your funeral director will work to arrange assistance with local Veterans support organizations.

If you’re in need off assistance with planning a military service, be sure to get in touch with a reputable funeral director. For a funeral home in Everett, Marysville, Monroe, Stanwood, and Mukilteo, Washington, the trusted name is Funeral Alternatives of Snohomish County at 1-888-381-6993. Funeral Alternatives also provides funeral directors in Seattle, Bellevue, and King County. Feel free to contact Funeral Alternatives with any questions you might have during your difficult time.

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