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Conner Jacob Ginty December 14, 1995 - October 16, 2021

Conner Jacob Ginty was born December 14th, 1995, in Edmonds, WA, to Darren Patrick Ginty and Kathleen Marie (Holloway) Ginty. He was the firstborn son of Darren, and the third-born child of Kathleen. Conner spent the first two years of his life living in Washington State, but moved to Alaska with his family around 1997. Conner was diagnosed, at a young age, with developmental delays and autism, following a bad reaction to a vaccine. Conner was enrolled in several developmental therapy programs ongoing, where he overcame many spectrum obstacles, through the skilled & compassionate work of Jeana, Kristen, and Cindy… Conner’s beloved therapists. Conner was able to be slowly integrated into mainstream education and grow in his social skills. Conner easily made friends with anyone. Conner attended Service High School, in Anchorage Alaska and had so many female friends that he earned the nickname “Ladies Man 3,000”, as he always seemed to have large groups of girls hanging around him at school. Conner tragically lost his mother to suicide in December of 2010. Conner spent the rest of his teenage years with his Dad in Anchorage Alaska. Conner had many opportunities to travel with his Dad to places like Hawaii, Mexico and Disneyland. Every summer, Conner would travel to Snohomish, Washington to spend several weeks with his Grandparents, his Aunt & Uncle and cousins. In 2016, Conner tragically lost his Dad in a heartbreaking loss, which changed Conner’s life forever. Conner ended up coming to live with his Grandparents permanently, with his Aunt & Uncle & cousins living right next door. Conner was very sad to leave Alaska, but he was also excited to live in a “big family”. Conner was able to thrive in Washington and make all sorts of new friends. Conner learned more and more about Scripture and covenant living through his connections with Torah to the Tribes ministry. Matthew Nolan was Conner’s favorite Bible teacher and was completely enthralled with “joking around” with him, whenever possible. Conner truly understood the significance of practicing the Biblical Feasts & Holy days throughout the year. Through learning to eat “clean” and the care that his Grandmother gave him, Conner’s health improved immensely. His allergies went away, his asthma went away, and his spectrum difficulties decreased. Conner was able to finish his education through Snohomish High School’s extended adult learning program. Conner was also able to take on being Warehouse Manager for Clearview Gutters. Even the neighboring companies, near his job, made friends with Conner and paid him for small side jobs. Conner would be so proud of the extra cash in his pocket from side jobs. Conner attended the Alyssa Burnett Center for enrichment classes and growth in social environments. Conner touched many lives at the ABC school in some of his favorite classes, like Bowling, Drama, Cooking, and Science Fiction “GEEK” class. Transformers remained Conner’s passion from childhood through adulthood. Conner’s collection grew to over 300 transformers. The family can recall endless hours of Conner sitting at the dining room table with the sounds of Transformers “clicking” as he would transform the action figures back and forth from mode to mode. Conner loved animals and brought an incredible sense of tenderness & calm to them. Conner also loved music and would sing loudly during worship. Conner was skilled with computers and video games, which he loved to discuss with his fellow “GEEK” friends. Conner’s five years, spent in Washington State, were extremely happy years and he bragged about how much he loved his family and friends here. Conner’s beautiful life ended abruptly and without warning, on October 16th, 2021. Conner was found deceased, in his bed that morning, by his Grandmother. It appeared that Conner may have had a seizure and subsequently suffocated in his bedding. A Memorial Service is planned for Sunday, November 14th, 2021 at 3:00pm, at North Creek Christian Fellowship 21300 99th Ave SE, Snohomish WA 98296.

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