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Molly Acey September 19, 1990 - March 31, 2019

Molly entered this world a month early on September 19, 1990 as a wee sparkle and emerged to spread her brilliant light with everyone she met.

As a young girl she was a lover of animals and all adventures, large and small.  She excelled in all sports—gymnastics, soccer and basketball and began her journey as an equestrian at the tender age of five.  She was a wise soul who befriended all and was a kind and generous spirit, careful to preserve the feelings of others.

As she grew, so did her love for outdoor adventures.  She “shredded” the mountains and took every opportunity to hike, camp, paddle board and test her physical limits…many times with her 7-pound Yorkie, Payton, in tow.  No matter what active opportunity presented itself, Molly was “all in” and embraced it with excitement and enthusiasm.

As a young adult, Molly was bit by the travel bug and, in true Molly fashion, made lifelong friends in Alaska, Costa Rica, Central America, the Florida Keys, Asheville, North Carolina and Leavenworth, as well as in Bothell, Mill Creek and Everett where she resided.  No matter where she landed, she touched others with her beautiful smile, infectious laughter, kind and thoughtful words, positive outlook, and zest for life.

She was taken from us far too soon..in true Molly fashion, while on a spontaneous evening outdoor adventure under the stars on March 31, 2019.

To say she will be missed is an enormous understatement.  There is simply no explanation of such a senseless loss.  But, rather than cry tears of sadness, Molly “GoLightly” would want you to live your life with passion, savor every opportunity, love others unconditionally and hold friends and family close—just as she did.


  1. Demario Carney says

    Molly, you were one of the greatest human beings I knew, so full of life, kindness and caring for others. Your departure from this world was far too soon but I know you wouldn’t want us to get lost in sorrow so I am going to make it a point to get out and enjoy life as much as possible one of the greatest lessons you taught us! Rest easy my friend, I’ll do what I can to make you proud. Love always, D.

  2. Ted says

    We are so sorry for your loss. When this happens in our family we need more than human strength. God and his Son can provide what we need. Please review these scriptures : John 5:28-29 “Do not be amazed at this, for the hour is coming in which all those in the memorial tombs will hear his voice 29 and come out, those who did good things to a resurrection of life, and those who practiced vile things to a resurrection of judgment.” Revelation 21:4 “And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes,and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away.”

  3. Krystle says

    Molly, we had a lot of fun in Levy. Wont be the same without you! and by the way, you made the BEST Main Tai’s! Love you and miss your smile!

  4. Lucas Robinson says

    The room lit up when Molly entered, people exclaiming, “Molly’s here!” She would move confidently through a room bouncing from one friend to another. Yet she was so bashful about playing the guitar or piano or talking about her strengths like the way she would comfort her friends or her passion for life and vigor for adventure.
    She loved Payton like a child even when he was an asshole. She built her life around him sacrificing some international travel because she knew he needed her in his old age. Spending any time around Molly and Payton outside would surely have seared her voice yelling his name into your ears. When he was feeling grumpy, she would chuckle and tell people that he’s more bark than bite and not to worry even though he would invariably growl and try to nip at all the hands trying to ruffle his hair. She loved her friends like this too and would always try to make sure everyone around her was happy and comfortable.
    She would always take her small wins. I brought her disc golfing with me, she was terrible. But whenever she could manage to keep the disc out of the bushes she would celebrate, “yeah! Hey that was pretty good!” and go around collecting high fives from the group. As keen as she was for a road trip to the beach or a walk in the woods she was always just as happy to spend the day in bed with her little Pay drinking coffee or tea and binging Netflix. We used to sit on the couch in our apartment above Good Mood Food when we’d get off work, drinking bootjack and eating popcorn while watching 3 or 4 episodes of Supernatural. She would joke that she’s going to come back and haunt us when she dies and make this terrible ghost sound “ooOoOOoOoo.”
    Molly was always the first one out on the dance floor which was kind of rough for me because I’m far more shy about dancing in public. We were at a bar in Arcata on our way down to Lightning in a Bottle listening to this funk band play and nobody was dancing. She kept saying, “man this is so groovy” until finally she pulled me out onto the floor to shimmy and shake. Soon more people followed, and it turned into a full blown dance party. At Lightning in a Bottle, she bought these pink sparkly fairy wings on sticks to dance with. She spent the next three days running around everywhere with those things twirling and grooving and clicking the sticks together. Dancing really brought out her inner child. At the Hoyer Brothers whenever they played Use Me Up, she’d be the first one on the dance floor, and sometimes the only one if she couldn’t drag anybody with her. She didn’t care, she just wanted to feel the music move her. Parov Stellar always got her too and Hugh Laurie playing piano, especially his version of St. James Infirmary.
    Molly was my riding partner. Together, we discovered deep snow glades and hidden alleyways in the tree at Stevens Pass. She was always down to follow me into a section that we were unfamiliar with or something that we had ridden a thousand times. I remember having to finagle our way through some trees near the Tye Mill chair line into a little chute. I popped out ok but when she got up to it, she was riding backwards and started to panic a bit. It took some convincing, but she bravely shot out of the trees and spun a 180 landing the right direction and blasting me with snow. I can still hear her happy scream when she came through that. At Stevens she was often riding behind me, but I could usually hear her whooping back there. Sometimes I would stop, thinking that I lost her, but she was always right behind me. Whether it was hippy pow turns below Rooster Comb or dodging trees in Big Chief Trees she loved to be up in those mountains floating around on a fresh blanket of powder with her friends. Molly called several places home in her life, but her heart always lied in the Cascades around Mt. Index and Stevens Pass.
    There aren’t enough words to describe all the different ways Molly brought joy into my life and those around her. I suppose the pain of her loss will never really recede. But I do know that she would rather have us dancing and singing for her than crying.

  5. Linda Foster says

    I didn’t know Molly except they her father’s love for her. Shining light of his world. The world lost a loving soul but the afterlife gained a happiness asset. May Molly continue to influence they her worldly memories. 🤗

  6. Byron Saliby says

    Oh miss Molly you have left a huge hole in my heart and of many others. I was so looking forward to seeing you this spring and hearing the adventure stories of back east. Rest In Peace sweet girl till we meet again on the other side!💔

  7. Kelli Clark says

    Though we only got to share one ride on Jagger we were going to be best barn mates. May God have his arms around you forever! Love always, Kelli

  8. Frances Kaesberg says

    I only met you once as a teenager at your Aunt Vicki’s home, however I have heard such wonderful things about you, and my brother and I feel so blessed to know you found comfort in our dad’s trailer this past fall at Vicki’s. I have a coaster of your beautiful picture on my end table and it reminds me to TOTALLY enjoy life, as you clearly did.

  9. Darla says

    Molly was the best friend to my daughter, which made her a friend to me.
    I met her at Nowhere and instantly loved her. Such a privilege to know this vibrant, loveable, adventurous, free spirited young women and her sweet little Payton. A perfect match of a best friend to Bekah! (Still wish I had sung karoke with her that fun filled night!)
    Her compassion and humor for those around her put even those who did not know her at ease. She had fun wherever she was. (Even at home chasing bats!)
    She truly was a one-of-a-kind old soul whose light shone brightly.
    You are greatly missed, sweet girl, but not forgotten.

  10. Heidi Shelton says

    You will be forever loved and missed sweet dear Molly. I will forever cherish our conversations when you were traveling the world and will forever miss the light and love that you brought into any room. I will go forward with adventure, love and light in my heart when I think of you…always and forever. Although I only got to be apart of your family for the last 12 years I will always love and miss you! LOVE you always Molly.

  11. Bekah says

    Molly was the one person that I have the most amazing memories with. We met when we both needed a solid friend in our lives and became such amazing adventure partner. She taught me so much and I’d like to think that we helped each other thru lots of different experiences and when we each just needed it.

    Molly had such an amazing spirit and zest for life. She inspires me to keep that fire burning in my own life and to never let any fear keep me from living, traveling, and learning. I miss her so much and always will. I have the oil painting that we made together and her memorial picture (which was the last one I go from her when we were texting while she was shredding the mountain) sitting next to it to always have her spirit close.

    Here’s to Molly. Now and forever.

  12. Jax says

    Molly was there for me during a dark time in my life. She hardly new me st the time but she went out of her way to make me laugh. We soon had our own crazy inside jokes. We danced behind numerous Asheville bars together making drinks and making fun of drunks!
    Molly you kick ass. I love you “Molly Bagels” and always will.

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