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Robbie Williams July 20, 1984 - January 26, 2019

Robert Anthony Williams (Robbie) was born 7/20/84 and passed away peacefully from an overdose on 1/26/19. Robbie was a sweet, gentle soul who lived his life with an open heart and touched the lives of so many people that the ripples of his beautiful spirit will be felt for years to come. Robbie saw beauty in the smallest aspects of daily life so that the simplest errand with him could feel like a wonderful adventure. Because of his empathic nature he felt things so deeply that he struggled greatly with the sadness of the world and often took on the pain of others in addition to his own. He was very poetic in his view of life and he spoke with an impact that had a way of hitting your heart with very few words. Robbie was always authentic and genuine and sincerely cared about everyone he encountered even total strangers. It was impossible not to love Robbie and everyone who met him spoke of how kind he was. Robbie loved so many things. He loved his family above all else and spoke their praise daily. He loved skateboarding. He loved watching gritty crime shows and would binge watch an entire season in a single night. He loved Memos Mexican Restaurant’s carne asada fries. He loved the Everett Marina waterfront where he would sometimes go sit by the water when he was troubled. Most of all he loved music. Robbie was a talented musician, singer, songwriter and guitar player. He had a natural talent that emanated from within. Some of his happiest times were when he was playing in a band in Virginia. Music was in his blood. He always had music playing and it was a great comfort and of utmost importance to him. Some of his favorite bands were Bon Iver, Citizen Cope, Bear Hands and Hozier. He would tell you that when you miss him to listen to music you love and think of him.  Although Robbie struggled with addiction for years, he had made great strides in his life and valiantly fought to overcome the addiction that he ultimately succumbed to. Robbie would ask us not to dwell in the abyss of sorrow and cruelty of his passing and the terrible substance abuse that was his demise. He would ask that we live our best lives and not wait to show love to one another. You don’t know when there will be no more time left to reach out and show unconditional love to a person struggling with addiction, depression or loneliness so do it now even if that person is yourself. Love a little deeper, enjoy the moment a little fuller, hold each other a little longer, listen to more music and do more acts of random kindness. Robbie belonged to the universe and we had him for only a short time and we were blessed for each moment he was in our lives. He is survived by his Mother, his Father, his Stepfather, his Stepmother, his grandparents, his 4 siblings, his brother-in-law, nieces and nephew, his girlfriend, and numerous friends.


  1. Don Brewington says

    Happy Birthday up in heaven, bro. <3

  2. Tianna Boddy says

    I knew Robbie when I was right out of high school. So sorry to hear. Ready in peace Robbie was definitely fun hanging out when we did. To the family my thoughts are with you hugs to all!

  3. Don Brewington says

    Robbie and I were best friends in middle and high school. He helped me believe in myself when I never even thought it was possible. It had been about 4 years since we spoke And the day he passed, I was trying to locate him to reconnect. It’s been a year now but the world will forever miss the presence of such a great human. I’m so sorry I missed you brother and I hope your family is finding ways to heal.

  4. Catherine Brewington says

    I am so sad to hear this. I haven’t seen him for a while but I remember his sweet smile and sense of humor. He was a good friend and one who always looked on the bright side and wasn’t afraid to go for an adventure, even if it took him to the other side of the world.

  5. Maren says

    I have no words. I havent spoken to robbie in years since he was in va. He was a dear friend and one of the most kind loving spirits I ever had the pleasure of knowing. I always wondered where he ended up and have searched for him online hoping he got to where he wanted to be. I can still hear him singing to me. My thoughts and heart are with his family.

  6. Kelly Ruef says

    To Robbie’s family ,
    Im so sorry for your loss. Robbie was such a beautiful person, and the world is losing with him gone. He touched my spirit and helped me smile during a time of despair . I am so grateful for his presence in my life, and I will never forget him. Love you Robbie! Rest peacefully my friend.

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